The Mediation Forum: An Opportunity to be Creative


David B. Harwi, Esq. and George Reath, Jr., Esq.

“The problem with all this speed, and the frantic energy that is spent using time efficiently, is that it undermines creativity. After all, creativity is usually something that happens while you’re doing something else: when you’re in the shower your brain has time to noodle about to create the odd connections that lead to new ideas. But if your brain is always multitasking, or responding to technoprompts, there is no time or energy for undirected mental play. Furthermore, if you are consumed by the same information loop circulating around everyone else, you don’t have anything to stimulate you into thinking differently. You don’t have time to read the history book or the science book that may actually prompt you to see your own business in a new light. You don’t have access to unexpected knowledge. You’re just swept along in the same narrow current as everyone else, which is swift but not deep.”

  David Brooks, Newsweek
April 30, 2001

In a mediation with a skilled mediator you have an opportunity to be creative. The feeling is good and the results rewarding.

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